International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering(ICAICE2020)
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2020 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering (ICAICE2020) will be held in Beijing during October 23-25, 2020. The topics of interest include, but not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence

AI Algorithms

Natural Language Processing

Fuzzy Logic

Computer Vision and Image Understanding

Signal and Image Processing

Speech and Natural Language Processing

Computational Theories of Learning

Information Retrieval and Fusion

Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Intelligent System Architectures

Knowledge Representation

Knowledge-based Systems


Multimedia & Cognitive Informatics

Artificial Neural Networks Parallel Processing

Pattern Recognition

Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence

Soft Computing Theory and Applications

Software & Hardware Architectures

Automatic Programming

Machine Learning

Automatic Control

Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools


Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications

Recent Trends and Developments

Computer Engineering

Artificial Intelligence& Computational Intelligence

Theory and Algorithms

Machine Learning/Reinforcement Learning

VLSI and Computer Architecture

Database Systems

Multimedia Databases and Information Retrieval

Multimedia Applications

Communication Systems

Programming Languages and Software Systems

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

Large-scale Networking

Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems

Computer Vision and Information Visualization

Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Data Mining

Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing

Signal and Image Processing

Computer Based Education

Electronic Systems Design

Computer Modeling

Computer Games

Computer Animation

Computer Simulation

Computing Practices & Applications

E-commerce and E-governance

Electrical Energy Systems

Electrical Machines & Electrical Apparatus

Electrical Materials and Process

Computer Security and Information Assurance

Human-computer interaction

Information Systems

Electronics, Information & Control Systems

Knowledge Management

Microprocessors & Semiconductors

Mobile Computing

Social Media and Cloud Computing

High-Performance and Grid Computing

Computing Ethics

Other related topics